The Convention Poll And Santa’s Secret

The results of our poll about a Tauranga board gaming convention are in, and we’re already looking at our next potential benefit to the board gaming community!

A few weeks ago, we asked you what you thought of the idea of a Tauranga board gaming convention, and the results have made quite an impact!

The full results can be found below.

If there was a one day board gaming event in Tauranga, would you prefer it to be during Labour Weekend or in early January?

  • I don’t care when it is – sign me up! (36%)
  • Tauranga? I wouldn’t go, regardless of the date. (32%)
  • I’d come, but only if it was during Labour Weekend (October). (19%)
  • I’d come, but only if it was in early January. (13%)

The results pleasantly surprised us.  68% of you said you’d be keen to come to such an event, although for some people it was dependent on precisely when we might schedule it.

You also provided us with some really helpful comments on both the poll itself and on the corresponding blog entry, which have convinced us to expand our horizons and to broaden our vision.  We hope to update you on that in the coming weeks!

And now, as we look ahead towards the cool wetness of winter, we’ve set up a new poll in the hope of making the colder months more bearable for board gamers:
[polldaddy poll=4929806]

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the “secret Santa” concept, it basically involves you anonymously buying a gift, (and in the SeriouslyBoard version, a game), for another gamer.  At the same time, you receive one purchased for you by someone else.

People are, of course, welcome to personalise their gifts with baking or anything else appropriate as they see fit, but the core idea is about gift – err, game – giving.

We’re hopeful that this simple concept, held as a SeriouslyBoard midwinter Christmas celebration, will appeal.

So let us know if you’d be keen to be involved!

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David and Angela