Strikes Slowing Supply Chain

The ongoing dispute between the Ports Of Auckland and the Maritime Union of New Zealand, and the subsequent strikes, are having a negative impact on our supply chain, but there’s no need to fret!

We at SeriouslyBoard know how much you want to play games and many of you are patiently waiting for a pre-ordered item to arrive.

Unfortunately, our supplier has been delayed in receiving some of his products, so you’ve already had to wait longer than usual.

But the good news is that your products are finally on their way to us, and we’ll have them soon!

Another piece of good news is that Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary – a SeriouslyBoard exclusive – has arrived, and we’ll begin shipping the pre-ordered copies straight away.

And for those of you who are refreshing your inbox to see if your new piece of shiny has arrived, we’ll touch base as soon as it gets here and let you know when you can expect to see it on our shelves.

Thank you so much for your patience – hopefully POAL and MUNZ can resolve their differences so this won’t affect too many future shipments.

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David and Angela