Stock Delay And Donations

With another earthquake in Christchurch – and one far more impacting than the September tremor – there will be a delay in stocking our shelves.

Our main supplier has managed to escape unscathed, unlike last time.

But with the road damage around the city, transport of our product range to us will be delayed.  If you’ve ordered a non-stock item, please be prepared to wait an extra week or so before your order arrives at our store to be sent to you.

This does of course seem rather trivial in light of what’s going on in Christchurch, so in the meantime, we encourage you to consider donating either your money, (Salvation Army and Red Cross), or your blood, should it be required (New Zealand Blood Service).

We plan to contribute somehow, and our thoughts and prayers are with all Cantabrians at this time.  Kia kaha.

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David and Angela