Secret Santa: Counting The Cost

Our recent poll suggested that many of you would be keen to partake in a midwinter Secret Santa, although some of you wanted to know some of the finer details, so let’s work them out together.

The full results can be found below.

Would you take part in a nationwide midwinter Secret Santa?

  • Possibly, but I’d need more information. (30%)
  • I’d be keen as long as it’s affordable. (28%)
  • Sorry, not really my thing. (23%)
  • Absolutely – count me in! (19%)

We were pleased to discover that 19% of you are keen to get straight into it, but even more excited that an additional 58% of you would be interested in taking part as long as you’re fully informed and the price range suits.

Answering the information query is simple enough.  We’ll be opening up registrations for Secret Santa on June 1, and you’ll have a month to sign up.  You’ll be asked to nominate your top preferences for games within the appropriate price range and you’ll receive a similar list from your target.  Then it’s just a matter of purchasing one of the items on the list by August 31 and you’ll receive something from your list in return!

We’re happy to send your purchased gift directly to your target, but we can also send it to you to customise it with baking or something similar if you prefer.  We’ll also wrap games and add personal messages if you’d like us to.

The price question is harder to answer, though, so we’ve set up a poll to let you tell us what you think is an appropriate range.

Before you answer, we recommend you take a look at our range of games and make a decision regarding which ones you’d like as a gift.  We hope that will make your decision a bit easier.

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Secret Santa is a fun way to take part in the spirit of giving, and running it in the middle of winter means it’s a more affordable option for most people than if we were to organise it over the Christmas period.

We’re really looking forward to running the very first SeriouslyBoard Midwinter Secret Santa, and we’d love to have you involved!

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David and Angela