Preparing For Wellycon

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So in the lead up to Wellycon 2009, I thought it might be helpful to discuss what you should expect at a board game convention and a few handy tips to help make the most out of the weekend.

While each board game convention is likely to be a bit different from the next, you should expect to walk in and see tables set up with various games being started up or under way. There is likely to be somewhere to register or sign in when you first arrive, and then you’re good to go!

Below are Angie’s top ten tips for surviving a game convention:

  • 1. Rest Well – Sleep well the night before! This will help you to feel sharp during the day and get the most out of your gaming experience. (It also might help avoid being completely thrashed in the games you play!)
  • 2. Stay Fresh – Bring a spare shirt/top and some deodorant, especially if you’re planning to stay for the whole day. This will help you to keep feeling fresh and on top of things.
  • 3. Keep Fueled – Bring some food and nibbles, or some cash so you can buy some food during the day.
  • 4. Stay Hydrated – Bring some water with you to drink while you are playing a game so you don’t have get up part way through to get a drink.
  • 5. Look Around – Before launching into a game, wander around and check out what games are being played at each of the tables (including how far through they are, as this will help you to plan which game/s you might join later on), find the toilets (very important!), find the food (just as important) and say hi to some people.
  • 6. Schedule Breaks – Make sure you plan breaks between each game- a chance to go get some fresh air (amazing what oxygen will do for the brain!), grab a drink or bite to eat and catch up with some of the fellow gamers (look out for us – we’ll be there on the Saturday).
  • 7. Be Adventurous – Try a game you’ve never played before. This is a great opportunity to learn something new and hopefully add a new favourite to your own collection.
  • 8. Know It – Make sure there’s at least one person at your table who knows how to play the game. The last thing you want to do is sit there and have to read through all the instructions and try to muddle your way through. It is good to have at least one person there who can help teach it.
  • 9. Teach Others – If you know how to play a game, even if you’re not necessarily going to play it right then and there, why not show others how to play and help get them under way? This will be very much appreciated and you just might find that someone later returns the favour.
  • 10. Have Fun! – Don’t take things too seriously – remember, they are just games and are meant for enjoyment. Make sure you get what you want out of the day, having played some new games and perhaps some old favourites, and hopefully made some new friends. 🙂
  • Happy gaming everyone!

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    David and Angela