Post-Wellycon Round Up

It took us more than 14 hours of driving, but we managed to get to Wellington and back last weekend for the fantastic Wellycon convention. It was an honour to sponsor the event, and we loved putting faces to names and getting stuck into the gaming.

Giving away a copy of Le Havre and Stonewall was particularly enjoyable, too.

I’d like to offer a huge congratulations to Andrew Rae for his efforts in putting the event together! Top stuff, Andrew!

Anyone who attended Wellycon now has a special SeriouslyBoard discount that runs until the end of the month. This discount applies to our entire range, including our latest order:

  • Dominion
  • Dominion: Intrigue
  • Race For The Galaxy
  • Race For The Galaxy: Gathering Storm
  • Race For The Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium
  • Stone Age
  • Pillars Of The Earth Expansion Set
  • We’ve also stocked up on Carcassonne and Thurn And Taxis, and we expect to have Small World and Ticket To Ride: Europe in stock in about a week.

    But there was more to Wellycon than the usual line up of games. Local game designers Carl de Visser and Jarratt Gray unveiled a copy of their title Endeavor, which had jet setted itself into the country all the way from Germany just a few days before.

    For those of you who aren’t quite up with the play, Endeavor is a highly anticipated release from Z-Man Games. Players take control of European powers, seeking to gain glory for their nation through exploration and colonisation of the known world. They are required to manage their industry, culture, finances and politics to gain the upper hand.

    As one of these empires, what approach do you take? Will you occupy empty cities or openly attack another player to get what you want? Will you explore newly discovered regions of the world, or will you turn the planet on its head by abolishing slavery?

    The options – and strategies – are numerous. The artwork is exquisite, the design is a great example of Kiwi ingenuity, and this medium weight game has all the feel, (both in components and in game play), of a top Euro game.

    Designers Carl de Visser and Jarratt Gray with a copy of Endeavor at Wellycon.

    Suffice to say, this is an exciting time for the New Zealand board gaming industry, which makes our next announcement even more exciting…

    You can pre-order your copy of Endeavor from SeriouslyBoard for when they arrive in October, and you have two great options. For $90, you can have the standard game and all its trimmings. But for $110, you can have a copy autographed by the designers! Yep, Messrs de Visser and Gray will sign your copy!

    This is a special offer that won’t last long!

    Endeavor will surely take prime position in any proud Kiwi gamer’s home, so don’t delay!

    David and Angela