Over 50 Gamers At Martin Wallace’s First Kiwi Convention

Board Games By The Bay has kicked off with a bang in 2013 with more than 50 gamers attending Tauranga with award winning board gaming designer Martin Wallace among them.

“[I] had a great time at BGBTB,” says Wallace.  “[It] was both fun and productive.”

20 hours of gaming were on offer, with prizes, promo giveaways, a vast library of games to play for free, games for sale at below internet prices, and a giant dice!


Our expansion Caitlin modeling the giant dice used for promo giveaways.

Gamers descended on Tauranga from as far away as Wellington to get in some gaming, playtesting, and prize winning.

Attendees pooled some money for a “welcome to New Zealand” gift for the Wallaces, and Martin Wallace also used the occasion to announce an upcoming event he’s planning to launch.  (Further details to be revealed later.)

As Board Games By The Bay continues to grow, we’ll continue to bring great events to gamers.  Don’t miss our upcoming events in Auckland (May and November), Hamilton (July), and Palmerston North (September).

And as always, the weekend provided an opportunity for David to display his gaming ineptitude!

If you’re keen to join us at a future BGBTB event, you can secure your tickets here.

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  1. Craig on March 25, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Great to see a nice turn-out for Tauranga 🙂 Thanks to everyone who came from far away. Sad I missed you.

    ~ From snowy Austria