Over 230 People Attended BGBTB In 2012

With the success of the first Hamilton Board Games By The Bay on the weekend, BGBTB attendances exceeded 230 gamers across the three events in 2012.

50 gamers attended each day in Hamilton – 75 unique people in all – in the first of our events to offer 20 hours of gaming. BGBTB Hamilton received fantastic prize support from: Days Of Wonder, Treefrog Games, PixelPark, and SeriouslyBoard, with local support from retailers Mark One and Playways.

Holy prize table, Batman!

A bite to eat and then back to gaming!

There was a fantastic and upbeat atmosphere, with plenty of people happily teaching new games to others or pulling out old favourites.

Even a courier mishap that initially prevented EFTPOS transactions – the machine supplier kindly sent it to the wrong city(!) – wasn’t enough to damper the spirits of attendees who were eager to make the most of the weekend and the great venue.

The weekend itself was full of gaming, with plenty of new Essen releases on offer. Gamers from as far north as Kaitaia and as far south as Dunedin got stuck in.

There were plenty of prizes given out, and Auckland publisher SchilMil Games were present with their new offer, Kenakalan.

Gamers getting their first Kenakalan experience.

Sunday offered New Zealand’s first unofficial Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game tournament, with Minty and Sam reigning triumphant and receiving a copy of the base set as a previously unannounced prize.

Briefing in the X-Wing tourney.

Red 5 standing by!

A traffic jam in space…

Darth Hunter!

A local gamer decided to celebrate her approaching birthday by baking a Catan themed cake, with each resource tile made from a different flavour! A happy birthday song was endured, and the tray was empty by day’s end.

This cake was made out of 6 different flavours!

From an organiser’s point of view, Hamilton was a fantastic event, made possible by our support crew who have been the best addition to the BGBTB stable all year. 2013 is already shaping up to be bigger and better, with the possibility of additional events. We’ve been invited to two new locations that BGBTB has never been to before!

No matter what happens, it seems that BGBTB is here to stay, and will only get bigger and better with each passing calendar year.

Evel Knievel steps up to the table…

Farewell, Hamilton – we’ll be back!

A well deserved refreshment to finish the weekend!

If you’d like to know more, contact us.

Board Games By The Bay 2012 statistics:

3 cities.
6 days.
52 hours.
230+ attendees.

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