Our Kiwi Board Gaming Community Survey: The Results!

A little while ago we opened a survey for the board gamers in New Zealand to talk about what they would like to see as the hobby grows. This will no doubt be a topic for further discussion at the upcoming Wellycon!

If you’d like to see all the survey responses as raw data, download this .csv file. It’ll open in OpenOffice or Excel.

Let’s start talking about these highlights though. How are we going to move forward from here?

Starting An Outreach Site For New Gamers

The need for a board game outreach website or forum (SeriouslyBoard community survey)
A break down of what is needed (SeriouslyBoard community survey)

A massive 90% of people think we need an outreach site for new gamers. According to the comments we had, this would include:

  • Introductory information on modern board-gaming
  • A “Top games” section with good introductory games
  • Links and contact details for local board gaming groups

By its very nature, the site would have to be quite simple, maybe a dozen pages or so, and have great, easy to enjoy information. It’s basically a sales pitch for board gaming in general and some solid connection points to the New Zealand board gaming community.

We’re happy to build the site, but would love to have content and ideas from you. How should this look? What content would it need? What games should be recommended? Anyone good at copywriting?

A Kiwi Board Gaming Forum Or Community

The question over creating a specific online New Zealand board game community was much more difficult to answer. People seemed to like the idea, but wouldn’t have much time to give to it. That said, 30-40 people spending an hour or more each week would definitely give us some life!

Many people thought BoardGameGeek was enough for everyone; others wanted a recreation of most of BGG’s features (forums, rankings, etc) on a NZ-specific website.

Number of hours spent on a social network website or forum (SeriouslyBoard community survey)

It seems to us that there isn’t enough interest in this right now to give it its own domain and site structure.

We’ve been planning on setting up some forums here on SeriouslyBoard since shortly after the site’s inception, which will allow us to get started. As the community grows, we’d like to expand the features available and consider moving it to its own domain. The forums will be live by the end of 2010…but hopefully sooner!

So, let’s talk: how are we going to move forward from here?