If You Could Ask Donald X. Vaccarino One Question…

…what would it be?

Tell us, and we just might ask the designer of Dominion on your behalf!

Last year, we had the honour of interviewing Reiner Knizia.

But before we plunged straight in, we asked Kiwi gamers just like you if there were any questions you wanted us to ask on your behalf.

Now we want to do the same thing with Donald X. Vaccarino, the Spiel des Jahres winning designer behind the Dominion series.

Mr Vaccarino has kindly agreed to do a phone interview, so help us to make it the interview you want by letting us know what questions you’d like us to ask!

You have until Wednesday the 29th of February  – just 3 weeks – to think up the one question you most want to ask him, and add it as a comment on this blog, along with your first name and the city or town you’re from.

We’ll put a list of questions together for Donald X. Vaccarino and submit them to him on your behalf.  Have at it!