Christchurch Earthquake Game Auction

It’s now more than a month since the Christchurch earthquake, but our Cantabrian friends are still in need of help, so we at SeriouslyBoard decided we’d do something small and simple to lend a hand.

We’ve managed to bring in a dozen post-earthquake games.  They’ve all survived the earthquake – half with minor damage, and half without any damage whatsoever – and we’ve set up an auction to raise money for one of the many charitable appeals on offer.

The auction features numerous popular games for prices far below the standard retail pricing.

The auction is based on BoardGameGeek, so you’ll need to login there to place a bid.  If you don’t have a login there, signing up is free and only takes a few minutes.  Or, if a friend is a user there, you could ask them to bid on your behalf.

Remember that all profits from this auction go to one of the charitable Christchurch earthquake appeals, so this is money well spent!

The auction can be found here:

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David and Angela