Columbia Games: The Invasion Has Begun!

Our first order of titles from Columbia Games has arrived!

ANZAC Day may have been and gone, but we’re stocking up right now with war games imported directly from America.

The first titles we’ve brought in from Columbia Games are Hammer Of The Scots and Julius Caesar.

These are both highly acclaimed titles and have a strong reputation among war gamers, and we’ve brought them in as a response to gamers saying that they aren’t available anywhere in New Zealand.  Well, now they’re here!

Hammer Of The Scots allows you to fight out the First War Of Scottish Independence as either the English or the Scottish, and Julius Caesar plays out the Roman Civil War that was fought between Julius Caesar and Pompey.

So rather than pay through the nose for international shipping to get one of these titles, just come straight to us!

We’re planning to import a limited number of other Columbia Games titles in the future, so if you’re looking for something specific, and there is enough demand from other gamers, we can look at getting them in bulk to save us all a few pennies.

This is just another way that we at SeriouslyBoard are providing a unique service for the board gaming community.

Because we’re gamers too.

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David and Angela