Christchurch’s Cathedral Returns…Sort Of!

2011 has been a really rough year for the people of Christchurch, but a familiar icon is making something of a comeback.

The February earthquake has affected so many lives in so many ways, prompting numerous fundraisers, including our board game auction which raised $2,598.74.

One of the most memorable images was of Christchurch Cathedral, its spire having collapsed.  The building will, sadly, be deconsecrated.

Christchurch Cathedral in the wake of the 2011 earthquake.

In 1962, Robert Moore, then a pilot with the RNZAF, marvelled at how Christchurch Cathedral stood out from the rest of the city, and used it as a landmark against which to gauge his location.

He later went on to design the classic Kiwi board game Cathedral.

The New Year will mark half a century since that flight, and now Brightway Products – the first company to produce the game back in 1979 – is at the helm again with a fantastic wooden version.

The wooden box to Cathedral.

Featuring a fantastic wooden box, Cathedral is made from 100% New Zealand materials, so it should come as no surprise that we at SeriouslyBoard were the first retailer to place an order.

The medieval city depicted in Cathedral.

So in one sense, Christchurch has its Cathedral back.

And besides, who could resist a game with an advertising campaign like this:

David and Angela