Christchurch Charity Auction: Less Than 24 Hours Left!

Our charity auction is drawing to a close.

In fact, there are less than 24 hours to make the most of some fantastic bargains!

In our last few blog entries, we’ve mentioned an international charity board game auction that we’re running to raise money for Christchurch.

We’ve been really excited by some of the generous donations, such as an autographed copy of New Zealand game Endeavor and even award winning designer Reiner Knizia has donated something!  Then of course there’s the limited edition pack from Days Of Wonder and the offer of painting services for miniatures

With the auction closing tonight at midnight, (with a 15 minute extension for items that receive bids particularly close to the deadline), we’re asking for one last push from all gamers.

All proceeds are going to the New Zealand Red Cross Christchurch Appeal, so it’s all for a good cause.

Also, we at SeriouslyBoard have already pledged to donate $1 to the Red Cross for every product sold in the month of March.

But it’s the charity auction that will be the biggest contributor, and we’re immensely grateful for everyone that has placed a bid so far.

As such, we’re asking our fellow Kiwis, (and international visitors, too), to dig deep and bid for an item or two.  Check your back pocket, look behind the couch, and cash in your lottery ticket so that you can place a bid in our charity auction!

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David and Angela