Board Gaming Aotearoa

Kiwis have always been an ingenious bunch.

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to see (and touch!) the only remaining McLaren M8A Can-Am car. I say this because Bruce McLaren has always inspired me with his attitude of just digging in and getting it done despite a lack of support on a local level.

New Zealand-based board game designers face a similar challenge, with gaming being perceived as little more than a hobby in this country. We really hope that, over time, designing board games will be viewed as a legitimate way to get by financially – even if it’s only supplementary income.

It is for this reason, (among others), that we do our best to give these pioneers a helping hand, which leads me to introducing you to a couple of Kiwi games in our range…

Stonewall is a great game that has survived the test of time. We’re really excited to be giving away a copy of Stonewall at Wellycon later this month!

Another great product is Linwood, the exciting debut release from Garphill Games. A slick design and easy to learn game play makes it perfect for introducing non-gamers to the genre. Check out the great two player demo video below:

Make sure you get behind our Kiwi board game designers!

David and Angela