Board Games By The Bay: What You Should Know

With Board Games By The Bay only five days away, it’s high time we told you what you can expect and other general info…



You still have three days to take advantage of our early bird pricing.  If you’re planning to come for both days, you can save 25% by ordering ahead of time via the website.  Thursday is the last day for the discounted ticket price.  Payment at the door can be made with cash or EFTPOS.



The only tricky part about the Auckland venue is parking.  There is limited parking space behind the building in a carpark that is shared with the library.  There is also plenty of street parking but you may need to be prepared to walk a short distance to get to us.  For those without transport, there is a bus stop right outside the venue.



We encourage people to bring their own games.  If you do, we strongly recommend you have an inventory of the games you’re bringing that you can check against when you’re packing up.  There may well be multiple copies of popular titles, so we also recommend that you mark them somehow to identify your copy.  Putting a small coloured sticker on box, making a mark inside the lid with a pen, or adding a business card to the components are all simple ways to keep track of your copies and to avoid you accidentally taking someone else’s.

If you don’t want to bring any games, (or if you don’t have any games to bring), fret not!  We have a games library for you to choose from on top of whatever else other attendees decide to bring.



There will be EFTPOS on site for registrations and for game purchases, so you don’t have to have cash on you.  If you do want cash, though, there are ATMs one block away.



Food and drink can be purchased via bakeries and eateries nearby.  Tea and coffee will be on offer free of charge at the venue.  You are welcome to eat inside the venue, but please don’t eat or drink over a game without the owner’s permission.  One spilled bottle of Coke can make a game unplayable!



We were planning to have a screening of Going Cardboard at the Auckland event this year but cost and availability of hire equipment have made that unfeasible.  We will have a proper screening in Tauranga, but we’ll bring Going Cardboard to Auckland anyway, and you’re welcome to watch it on our laptop if you choose to.



We will have a number of prizes on offer from a variety of sources: distributors, publishers, and even regular gamers who want to share the love.  There is no cost to enter the draw for prizes, but if you’re not present when your name is drawn, you’ll likely miss out, so don’t stray too far!



Board Games By The Bay was born with a vision to accommodate regular gamers while also inviting new people into the fold.  Please be aware of folk who may be new to modern board games, and if you see someone looking lost or confused, show them some gaming generosity by offering a helping hand.



If you have any questions on the day, just look around for someone in a dark brown polo shirt.  They should be able to help, or point you in the direction of someone who can.


See you on the weekend, and if you haven’t already, remember to get your discounted tickets while you still can!

In the meantime, happy gaming!

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David and Angela