Board Games By The Bay – Two Weeks To Go!

Board Games By The Bay is only a fortnight away, so let’s go over the details!

We recently added a poll about Board Games By The Bay, and we reckon this is an ideal time for a refresher!

Here’s how the poll looked:

Are you attending the first Board Games By The Bay event in Auckland, July 2-3?

  • Yes! I’ve already registered! (24%)
  • I won’t be there. (24%)
  • I’m thinking about it. (20%)
  • What is Board Games By The Bay? (20%)
  • Yes, but I haven’t registered yet. (12%)

It was great to see that 56% are either coming or are at least considering it.

But it was the 20% of you who asked what the event is that caught our eye.

Board Games By The Bay is a series of board gaming events around the North Island, and the first one is launching in Auckland in just two weeks’ time!

Essentially, it’s an opportunity to spend 8 hours playing games…and to then repeat it the following day!

We are inviting attendees to bring along games from their collection that they’d like to play or teach, but this is by no means compulsory – we’ll have a growing and varied library on hand for you to choose games from.

There will also be prizes and you’ll be able to purchase games at internet prices!

Entry is just $10 per day or $15 for the whole weekend, and there are discounts for those who register ahead of time at the Board Games By The Bay website.

If you’ve never been to a gaming convention before, or if you’re just keen to try games you’ve never had the chance to play before, Board Games By The Bay will be the ideal occasion for you!

And if Auckland doesn’t suit, there will be a Tauranga event in October!

So set aside the weekend of July 2-3 on your calendar, and treat yourself to a weekend of gaming at Board Games By The Bay!

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David and Angela