Board Games By The Bay – Tauranga, Day Two

The second and final day of Board Games By The Bay has (sadly) drawn to a close, so here’s a basic rundown of what happened…

We found ourselves back at the venue nice and early for gamers to join us for another fun day.

Niki, one of the BGBTB crew, looks after registrations.

Just as Saturday had a Settlers Of Catan event, Sunday brought with it a free entry giant game of Wings Of War, and a keen gamer from Otago had generously donated a couple of prizes.

Two mugs, one for first ace and one for overall champion.

The opportunity to shoot at each other seemed to appeal, and soon a crowd had formed.

The gamers - some completely new to Wings Of War - undergo basic flight training.

So with many gamers completely new to the game, we had some local, (and some not so local), assistance with running the game, relying on their experience as we set a New Zealand record of 16 pilots in one match.

Jody (blue cap) and Ian were invaluable when it came to guiding everyone through the basics.

Before long, the two teams were flying headfirst at each other…

The battle lines are drawn as the planes prepare for impact.

As one flank on the Allies moved to engage the enemy…

Combat ensues on the right flank.

…a couple of Allies on the opposite flank got some pre-battle nerves and changed their minds.


Run away! Run away! Tactical retreat!

The fighting was soon upon us as the Central Powers took an early lead.

The Central Powers quickly find themselves with a numerical advantage.

But the Allies somehow managed to turn the tables, eventually outnumbering and defeating their opponents.

The writing is on the wall for the last Central Powers pilot.

And the mugs were handed out to the deserving winners.

Andrew (left) won the overall award for the Allies, while Ian (Central Powers) claimed the first ace mug.

But of course, it wasn’t all Wings Of War. We also had a bit of a clean up…(cough)…

A game of Endeavor having its pieces collected.

…and actual gaming!

A bit of Alhambra fun!

It was a fantastic day to round off a fantastic weekend – and it all finished in time for us to get home and witness this:

We’d like to thank everyone who turned up, but especially the likes of Niki, Russell, Jody, and Ian, who went the extra mile to help make Board Games By The Bay Tauranga the fantastic event that it was.

We’ll be putting on more Board Games By The Bay events in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye on the BGBTB website, this blog, or our Facebook page to keep up with developments!

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David and Angela