Board Games By The Bay – Tauranga, Day One

The first day of Board Games By The Bay has passed without incident, and we’ve had a great time – with another day of gaming goodness still to go!

We were really excited by the turn out at Board Games By The Bay today, with the gaming space getting filled out pretty quickly.

Gamers gamin' at Board Games By The Bay Tauranga.

One of the great things about events like Board Games By The Bay is that people can just wander in, grab a game, and start playing.

Another view of gamers early on Saturday.

We were ably helped by a fantastic and expansive gaming library, with our own collection boosted by those of others.

Setting up the library on Saturday morning.

Outside of copious amounts of casual gaming and spot prizes donated by PixelPark, Dr. Wood, and us at SeriouslyBoard, the big focus of Saturday was the inaugural New Zealand Settlers Of Catan tournament.

The contestants started off as a rather jovial bunch, so we stood them all up against a wall and shot them…with a camera.

The tournament entrants in an upbeat mood prior to the gaming.

…but it was all game faces when things got underway.

Our Catan tourney entrants get down to business.

The prize on offer was a 15th Anniversary edition of Settlers Of Catan, complete with lots of wooden goodness!

The board layout for the tournament final, using the prize itself.

And by the end of the day, we had our four finalists.

The four finalists battle it out for victory.

As the final drew to a climax, the spectators couldn’t help themselves.

A small crowd gathers as the game promises a close finish.

But there can be only one, with James Walden (playing brown) taking out the tournament by snatching the Longest Road to claim victory.

The board layout at the conclusion of the final.

So we stood him up against the wall and shot him. Again.

There can be only one. James Walden with the spoils of victory.

Saturday was such an enjoyable day and we received plenty of great feedback. We had folk join us who are new to the hobby and keen to see what it’s all about. Across the day, more than 50 people joined us and got involved with gaming.

But Sunday is another day, with a free-for-all game of Wings Of War that is free to enter, but which has a couple of great prizes on offer.

Prizes kindly donated by a keen Wings Of War gamer for our giant sortie.

We’re really excited to see what’s in store for us on day two!

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