Board Games By The Bay: Prize Support

Everyone loves getting stuff for free, right?

Well, in line with that, we have exciting news about what you could win at our Board Games By The Bay events.

New Zealand’s major distributor of modern board games, Pixelpark, has once again stepped up to the plate by agreeing to offer us prize support for our 2012 board gaming roadshow.

But in addition to that, we’ve had a number of other parties who want to give you stuff for free!

Auckland-based publisher SchilMil Games will have their new offerings, Komodo and Raid The Pantry, ready to be given away.

Additionally, Kiwi-in-making Martin Wallace will be offering games from his catalogue to be given away for free.

On top of that, Days Of Wonder have agreed to send us prizes for our Tauranga and Hamilton events, with Cleopatra, Cargo Noir, and Fictionaire.

There’ll also be plenty of Munchkin goodness to be had.

And to top it off, Rio Grande Games are sending us demos that we want you to try, and which will be added to the BGBTB library.

We’re still hoping to hear back from another couple of parties, but suffice to say, Board Games By The Bay is going to have plenty for even the most penniless gamer!

And there are only 3 weeks left to secure online ticket prices (25% off for a single event, or attend the first 2 and get to the last one for free).

For more details on Board Games By The Bay, check out the website.

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