Board Games By The Bay Games Library Growing

With just one week left for early bird pricing, the Board Games By The Bay event in Auckland has seen its library growing, meaning you’ll have a larger variety of games to choose from!

Early bird pricing for our Auckland event ends on June 30th, so if you haven’t already signed up, you only have until then to save a few pennies!

And just to build the anticipation further, we’ve had a games library that is nearing 100 games, including all of the latest expansions to great games like Saboteur, Dominion, and Chaos In The Old World, alongside classic games like The Settlers Of Catan, Puerto Rico, and Power Grid.

And on top of that, there’ll be the recent games that are deservedly popular, like 7 Wonders and Forbidden Island.

We’ll also have games for sale at internet prices, with additional discounts on gateway games so that people new to the hobby can start their own collections.

On top of all that, there will be prizes to give away, as well as the opportunity to playtest game prototypes and give feedback directly to the designers!

So check out the Board Games By The Bay website for details and make sure you don’t miss out!  And even if you don’t chase the early bird price, make sure you turn up on the weekend for hours of gaming goodness!

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David and Angela