Board Games By The Bay Breaks 150

More than 150 gamers attended Board Games By The Bay Auckland on the weekend for two full days of playing, winning, trading, and buying games.

The new venue in Remuera was packed to the brim, most notably on the Saturday, with more than a hundred people in attendance at one time.

There was a broad age range among attendees, and all skill levels – from beginners to veterans – were represented.

A math trade on the Saturday proved to be extremely popular, with an impressive 59 lots offered up for trade, a creditable 24 of which found new homes.

That, combined with prizes, a vast gaming library, and the latest titles being sold at discount, made for a weekend to remember.

Award winning designer (and recent New Zealand resident) Martin Wallace was also in attendance, play testing his upcoming designs as well as offering prize support and autographing copies of his games for his diehard fans.

Board Games By The Bay events continue to grow, with Auckland more than doubling in size since 2011.

Future BGBTB events in 2013 are being held in Hamilton in July, Palmerston North in September, and again in Auckland in November.

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Still not convinced?  Feedback and photos can be viewed below:

“Great venue, well organised, excellent game library and [a] really good turn out. Excellent event.” – Robert

“Excellent event. Stunning venue, amazing selections of games, and some (or should I say LOADS of) stunning prizes! Big thanks to the organisers.” – Chris

“An excellent weekend’s event… Great to see such a large venue packed with keen gamers, old and young.  Thanks again for organising this… Looking forward to the next event!” – Damian

“Had a great time. I love the new venue, the fact that there was reasonably inexpensive food, the HUGE games library, [and] the maths trade.” – Katherine

“I had a really good time. I like a good balance of gaming and good conversation, which is exactly what I got. Saturday was really humming with activity, the location was really flexible for all types of game and I never had trouble hearing the person next to me because the place had noise soaking up carpet!” – Louise

“It was a fantastic weekend.  Played some new games, some I’ve played once or twice before, and a couple of old favourites. I never had a problem with teaching games or being taught new ones.  The Math Trade was great.” – Dan

“Impressed with the venue. Warm inside, carpeted was a bonus, great car park. Easy to get to from motorway.  I thought the 10pm finish time was excellent. Evening gaming with slightly thinned out numbers was really enjoyable.” – James



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