Board Games By The Bay Auckland: A Summary

Last weekend, we at SeriouslyBoard put on the inaugural Board Games By The Bay event in Auckland.

The Board Games By The Bay logo.

Board Games By The Bay was held in St Heliers, just a stone’s throw from the beach and within walking distance of plenty of great eateries.

One of the signs that greeted attendees.

Some of the more eager attendees were present when we arrived early to set up – a good sign of things to come!

We unpacked the library of games, along with those that were for sale, and others that had been donated as prizes.  (Thank you to PixelPark and Dr Wood for their generosity in donating prizes!)

Some of the prizes offered by Pixelpark and Dr Wood.

With a large selection of games in the library and a constant influx of gamers old and new, the hall quickly filled out and space was at a premium.

We had attendees from as far away as Palmerston North and Christchurch – it was so great to see the dedication!

Many had heard about us from the article in the Herald On Sunday, and before long, games were hitting tables, interrupted every once in a while for prize draws and other announcements.

Gamers do what they do best while David and Craig man the shop.

Saturday night provided an opportunity to do something a bit different, so once we’d locked up the venue for the night, we headed down to a local restaurant for a meal.

A number of gamers joined us and it was a fun evening dining and discussion.

Dinner at La Vista in St Heliers – with thanks to the waiter for taking the photo!

On Sunday, we were back at it, with a bigger turnout and plenty of people seizing the opportunity to increase their board game collection via some SeriouslyBoard specials.

The end of the evening meant everything had to be packed away – a big thank you to everyone who gladly chipped in to help!

David and code monkey Craig at the store in their BGBTB polo shirts.

In all, 72 people attended the event, some of whom had never encountered modern board games before.  The feedback we received was very positive, and we’re looking forward to the Tauranga event with great excitement.

To see more photos of the event, visit the Board Games By The Bay photo gallery at our Facebook page.

David’s highlight: Seeing families who had never experienced modern board games come to the event, and enjoy themselves so much that they started their own collection there and then.  To know we’d converted people to the hobby made it really feel like a job well done.

Angie’s highlight: Teaching a family of four Ticket To Ride: Europe, and seeing them really enjoy a game that I’ve always loved.  They went on to take this, and another game, home.  I’m excited to think that they will have many more fun games, and all the while have good quality family time – that’s what it’s all about.

Craig’s highlight: Seeing all our hard work come together into an event that everyone seemed to enjoy and get value out of.  Oh, and packing up before the zombies attacked was a bonus!

So those were our highlights – what were yours?

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