Award Winning Delivery Service!

In our current poll, located on our home page, we’ve asked what it is you look for in a board game retailer.  One comment under “other” was “friendly service”.

And while we strive to offer friendly service to every gamer who crosses our path, some things are out of our control.

One of those things is the courier delivery service, but we at SeriouslyBoard are excited to announce that our local courier, Whare Tipene, has been crowned the National Courier Franchisee Of The Year 2011 at the Fastway Courier Annual Awards!

This is a thoroughly deserved achievement for Whare, and it’s further reassurance that when you place an order with SeriouslyBoard, it’ll start its journey in the safest pair of hands in the business.

This is, quite simply, just another thing the separates us from our competition.

You can read the Scoop news article about Whare’s award here.

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David and Angela