Avalon Hill And Wizards Of The Coast Within Our Grasp!

We’re now able to offer Dungeons And Dragons titles and Avalon Hill games thanks to a deal made by one of our suppliers!

When we were somewhere between celebrating a 100th birthday and restocking the best selling Forbidden Island, Pixelpark was working hard to enable us to expand our range with a new agreement for Wizards Of The Coast products!

This means that we can now access roleplaying games and board games under the Dungeons And Dragons brand…

Equip yourself with D4 through D20 for anything in the D&D range!

…as well as Avalon Hill titles, such as the much sought after RoboRally.

So if you’re after something for your next dungeon crawl, or you want one of the games that continue to make Avalon Hill great, make sure you get in touch!

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David and Angela