A Plethora Of Pledges

Help an exciting Kiwi board game become a reality!

American crowd funding website Kickstarter has been the birthplace of a growing number of board games, such as Alien Frontiers and the upcoming expansion to The Resistance.

Now the Kiwi equivalent, PledgeMe, promises to do likewise, and you can get involved!

Kiwi designer Shem Philips, (the man behind Linwood and Capek), is looking to self-publish his latest title Plethora, and he needs your help to make it happen.

We’ll let Shem explain the game himself, but head on over to the PledgeMe project and get involved!

(And if you don’t want to spend anything just yet, fret not – as long as the target is reached, SeriouslyBoard will be stocking Plethora!)

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David and Angela