Vaccarino Interview Enters The Editing Suite

Things have been pretty hectic for the SeriouslyBoard team of late, putting our latest interview temporarily on the backburner.

With new acquisitions in the form of Small World: Realms, K2, and Descent: Journeys In The Dark (Second Edition), the editing suite has been gathering dust, but we’re finally making our way back to bring you an interview with another award winning game designer.

This time around, it’s two-time Spiel des Jahres winner Donald X. Vaccarino, the mind behind the likes of Dominion, Kingdom Builder, and Infiltration.

But while we’ll still be a couple of weeks away from publishing the interview, we wanted to offer you a little teaser that we’ve managed to put together, courtesy of Donald and our other interviewees, Reiner Knizia and Martin Wallace:

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