If You Could Ask Reiner Knizia One Question…

…what would it be?

Tell us, and we just might ask the great man himself on your behalf!

We’re quite excited, because we’ve managed to line up an interview with Reiner Knizia!

If you’re asking “Reiner who?”, then the basic rundown from his official website should do the trick.  But, to give a brief overview, let’s just say that he’s published more than 500 games and books and has won a hoard of awards – including the 2008 Spiel des Jahres.

Put simply, Knizia is king!

We’re doubly pleased about this interview because this will be the first New Zealand one he’s ever done.

This also means that we have the opportunity to ask him the questions you want asked – so let us know what they are!

You have until Sunday the 22nd of May to think up the one question you most want to ask him, and add it as a comment on this blog, along with your first name and the city or town you’re from.

Then we’ll compile a select few and present them to Reiner Knizia himself.  Woohoo!