Why Purchase from Seriously Board?

We have just received our first email reminder about this year’s Board Games by the Bay.  In it were advertisements from supporters of BGBTB. It made me realise that you as consumers have so many choices as far as who to purchase your board games from.  So why should you choose Seriously Board?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • We are Kiwi owned (well Kiwibank owned really) and operated.  
  • We will work hard at sourcing games that you are looking for.  
  • We have free shipping for orders of $125 and over. Having travelled to Game Shops, paid for petrol and parking, and then the cost of the game, this does seem appealing.  
  • We try to be competitive price wise.
  • We are board gamers and enjoy playing as well as selling games.

Thank you for choosing Seriously Board.  We appreciate that you have a choice and have chosen us.

~ Helen

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David and Helen