Thru-The-Portal Issue 2 – Out Now!

The second issue of Thru-the-portal magazine is now available online.  It’s still free, and this time it comes with a SeriouslyBoard flavour to it!

February saw the launch of new online magazine Thru-the-portal, and we blogged about it to keep you in the loop.

The response was huge, with more than 2,000 downloads from across 70 countries – and a massive 12% of the downloads were done by us Kiwis and our antipodean cousins across the ditch.

Well, the second issue is out now and David from right here at SeriouslyBoard has written an article on the Kiwi gaming scene. 

SeriouslyBoard has also got involved by being the New Zealand representative board game retailer for Thru-the-portal readers.

So once again, we encourage you to get your own free copy of the magazine.  Don’t miss out!

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