Seriously Board is moving house!

We are really excited to finally announce that Seriously Board will have new owners and operators from the coming weekend. We are moving on, and passing the business over to some people who are energised and raring to take on the challenge! You can expect to enjoy great service and engagement going forward with these lovely people.

We have really enjoyed the last almost four years of running Seriously Board since we purchased it in November 2014. Seriously Board was one of the earliest online modern board gaming retailers in New Zealand when it was started in June 2009 by pioneers David and Angela. We were lucky to inherit a reputation for great service and community involvement along with a retail business familiar to most in the New Zealand board gaming community. We think we have built upon those firm foundations and in particular we are proud of developing a great range and depth of stock, as well as the enduring satisfied feedback from so many happy customers.

Seriously Board has grown from strength to strength, and us temporarily lowering stock levels and range in anticipation of the sale is no reflection on the vibrant board gaming market and the enthusiasm of so many of you for all the different games and expansions out there. In fact, it is the increasing size and demands of the business that have convinced us to sell Seriously Board, as we find it has outgrown our time and energy.

For us, we are grateful to all of our customers, and in particular for the kind words and generous support we have received over the years, as well as the opportunity to meet or communicate with so many of you. Board gamers are a pretty neat bunch, and it has been uplifting to encounter so many genuinely nice people. Keep it up!

We will let the new owners introduce themselves and their vision in the days ahead, but we want to assure you they are the right kind of people to have faith in and continue to deal with. We don’t anticipate any disruptions to normal Seriously Board service, although we are sure (and hope) they will bring their own style to the business. If you make an order over the coming weekend you can expect it to be despatched in a timely fashion the following week. Orders we fulfil before hand-over will be monitored and followed up with as usual. Gift certificates purchased from us will be honoured. In other words – it’s all good!

So, we retire (gracefully we hope) from selling games, which will, of course, allow us much more time to … PLAY games. Woo hoo! Look for us at future gaming events, and maybe it is time for us to check out some of the local board game groups? We hope to see and play games with many of you in the future, and until then, all our very best wishes, thank you, and happy gaming!

– Nat and Dave
Wed 12 Sep 2018

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