Seriously Board has moved!

In the quiet, green hills of the Waikato, a little board game company finds a new home.

Hello everyone,

We are David and Helen Hunt, the proud new owners of Seriously Board! If you have attended Board Games By The Bay and seen a couple playing a lot of Terra Mystica, that would be us.

For the last few years David has been homeschooling our two sons, as well as maintaining our lifestyle block. Now that boys have finished school he has been looking for a new challenge. When the opportunity to purchase Seriously Board came we jumped at the chance. It was such a perfect fit.

We both have a passion for board games (yes, not just Terra Mystica) that our game cupboard will testify to. We aim to bring that passion to Seriously Board in the tradition of Dave and Nat, and David and Angela before them.

Thanks to the tuition of Nat and Dave, we will be filling your orders over the next week. Please contact us if you have any questions.

David and Helen.


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David and Helen