Our new packaging solution

Hi recent buyers. Thank you for your purchase!

You might have noticed a small change in your order.  Seriously Board is trialling a new packaging solution called Geami (thanks for the suggestion Nikky!).

First, we wrap each item in a layer of tissue paper to prevent surface abrasion.  Then comes a layer of cleverly cut cardboard that expands to a 3D honeycomb structure to prevent impact damage.

Geami replaces our reliance on bubble wrap – good bye plastic!

Finally, we place your order (along with a little treat from Kapiti Chocolate Factory) in a brown cardboard box, and seal it with paper tape. The box is made from 75% recycled content. We still have some white-bleached boxes which we are replacing with brown when they run out

Smaller orders are wrapped in a cardboard sleeve (to prevent crushing) and placed in a satchel.

We use a variety of materials to remove void space, often reusing what our shipments arrive with –

  • Brown packing paper
  • Sealed-air plastic bags (sorry)
  • Pop Starch compostable packing (looks like polystyrene, but pop one in water and see what happens!)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Shredded paper

We expect our games to arrive in pristine condition (or just as advertised for our discounted damaged games).

And of course, if you return any game within 30 days (as long as it’s still unopened in its original plastic seal) you will receive a full refund.

Yep, we are serious about board games 🙂

~ David and Helen

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