Our First Week

Well, our first week of owning Seriously Board has just finished. It has been a steep learning curve for us with some aspects while others have flowed smoothly thanks to the advice, care and attention that Dave and Nat have provided. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it!

We put in two large orders for more stock this week and will be putting in a smaller one at the end of the week with things we forgot or for orders we have received since. Which brings us to our request:

What game do you believe is a must have for every board game cupboard or shelf? If you were to ask us Terra Mystica would be top, but for our two sons Werewolf or Codenames are the two games they prefer to own and play. And a second category, what is the next board game you are wanting to purchase (or hoping Santa will be delivering come December)?

Thank you all for your support (and orders). We look forward to hearing from you. Happy gaming.

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David and Helen