Top 3 Christmas Stocking Fillers

The Christmas countdown continues, and if you’re looking for that one last gift to fill someone’s stocking, we at SeriouslyBoard have just the solution…

Stockings can be difficult things to fill, but if you’re looking for something small that will provide plenty of Christmas joy, it’s hard to look past these little gems…

Take to the Dwarven mines in the pursuit of gold – either by digging for it, or by sabotaging the equipment of those who do.

If you’re expecting a few people for Christmas, Saboteur is great because it’s so social, interactive, and guaranteed to involve plenty of laughter.

Able to take up to 8 players, Saboteur is quick to learn and play, and is the idea ice breaker at any family gathering.

A simple – but addictive – set matching game, Coloretto is bound to find its way to the table time and time again.

Match the different coloured chameleons into sets, but don’t spread your options too wide or your opponents will claim your cards!

This highly interactive game is a deserving award winner that will fit snugly in a stocking next to that big candy cane you just bought.

Coloretto will belong in any game collection!

Looking for a game that’s simple to learn, quick to play, and works well as a light filler?

No Thanks is based around a simple auction mechanic, this addictive game can be played in just a few minutes.

The added bonus that youngsters can learn basic arithmetic makes this an ideal stocking filler.

Say “Yes please” to No Thanks!

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