Board Games By The Bay Gaming Events – The Future

Since 2011, there have been 22 successful Board Games By The Bay events run under the Seriously Board umbrella. With our decision to sell Seriously Board, it was critical to us to ensure that Board Games By The Bay carried on and, in particular, 2018 events continued without compromise. We know there is a bunch of people who love coming to these events and who would be very disappointed if they fell over – as would we. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce the management for Board Games By The Bay events has been transferred to Jason and Juliet, long-time key volunteers and familiar faces at the events. They are not planning any radical changes to the winning BGBTB formula but we are sure their energy and expertise is going to see the events continue to grow and develop.

There are three events booked for 2018 in, you guessed it, Auckland, Hamilton, and Auckland:

Auckland – 19 & 20 May
Hamilton – 11 & 12 August
Auckland – 17 & 18 November

The Board Games By The Bay website is still in the same place, although has a shiny refreshed look – which in our opinion is pretty flash! If it isn’t up quite yet it will be real soon. Jason and Juliet are also setting up a dedicated Facebook Page and will be taking over (and no doubt refreshing) the BoardGameGeek BGBTB guild, so don’t forget to check those out as well.

And what about Seriously Board and us? Well, Seriously Board won’t necessarily be involved in future Board Games By The Bay events – but you can be sure that it will be supporting them while we are still at the helm. And for us personally – you can expect to see Natalie and David at future Board Games By The Bay events – we might even get to play some games for a change! Now there’s an idea …

Check out Board Games By The Bay HERE.