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Yggdrasil Chronicles is a captivating and immersive cooperative game, with various game modes including a 6 replayable scenarios, a 2 player mode and a single player mode.

The players embody the Gods browsing the World Tree Yggdrasil  to repel their enemies. To eradicate these plagues that threaten the very life of the cosmic ash, they can count on the support of the Nordic peoples and creatures, their abilities and the power of their divine artifacts. But even more, their cooperation and their Relationships will enable them to overcome the perfidy of Surt, Hel, Iormungand, Fenrir, Loki and Nidhögg.

Are you ready for an immersion into the Nordic Mythology Hall of Fame?

Designer: Cédric Lefebvre
Publisher:  Ludonaute
Player numbers: 1-5 Players
Recommended Age: 14+
Game Time: 90 minutes

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Yggdrasil Chronicles: Les Voyages de Rig Scenario


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