Windmill: Cozy Stories


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The playful wind wanders around the world, whirling from one windmill to another. Along the way, he catches the stories as they are told.

He carries them past our windows, throws them as dewdrops at our feet, and hides them in the rustle of the leaves high above our heads. They are hidden everywhere, speaking softly to us. So on bright spring mornings or warm autumn evenings, when we go out into the garden or sit by the fire, we listen to the hispers of the wind and share his cozy stories.


In Windmill: Cozy Stories, players are storytellers who weave short tales based on the hidden picture cards they draw.

While one player tells a story, the other players attempt to guess the visible card that matches the story. The more opponents who guess incorrectly, the more points the storyteller receives when someone finally does correctly identify the card. On the other hand, if all players fail to guess the picture, the storyteller loses points instead of winning them! You score points both by telling stories that are identified correctly and by guessing the stories told by others.

Whoever earns the most points over the course of the game wins.

Designer: Maxim Istomin
Publisher: CrowD Games
Player numbers: 3-5 Players
Recommended Age: 6+
Game Time: 20-45 minutes

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