Unicorn Glitterluck: Cloud Crystals


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In a land, far, far away lived four unicorns who were the best of friends. They enjoyed galloping across the soft, billowing clouds, sliding down rainbows and playing with cloud crystals. One day, they noticed a terrible thunderstorm approaching. They thought it would be best to head directly for the sun, and collect as many cloud crystals as possible along the way to keep them safe from the storm.


In Unicorn Glitterluck: Cloud Crystals, players become one of the magical unicorns in the game and race from the thundercloud to the sun, trying to collect as many cloud crystals as possible along the way.  A sparkling die competition!

It’s never too early to challenge your child to a round of board gaming. Who knows, they just may beat you!

Game Play

Start by choosing a coloured unicorn and placing your piece on the big blue rain cloud.

On your turn, roll the blue storm die to move 1-3 clouds or stand in place eating a muffin, forgetting all about the race, the crystals, and everything else.

If you land on a pink cloud, you roll the crystal die and receive 1-3 crystals; if you land on a present, you give someone else a crystal from the reserve; and if you land on the front end of a rainbow, you slide along the path to the next cloud.

The player who reaches the sun cloud with the most cloud crystals is the winner.

Designer: Kristin Mückel
Publisher: HABA
Player numbers: 2-4 Players
Recommended Age: 3+
Game Time: 10 minutes

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What’s in the box? Unicorn Glitterluck: Cloud Crystals Contents:

1 game board
4 unicorns: Glitterluck (pink), Stardust (yellow), Marvel Flower (purple), Magic Swirl (turquoise)
60 cloud crystals
1 pink die
1 blue die
1 set of game instructions


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