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Twisty Little Passages is a gamebook of dungeon crawl puzzle adventures, divided into story chapters that are broken down into a sequence of campaign areas or levels. Each campaign is a Euro-style puzzle with a fantasy theme and setting, which can be played solo or engaged with as a group. The campaigns have a legacy feel where the story, equipment, stats, and game mechanics build atop one another and progress from one campaign to the next.

Each campaign area is laid out on a two-page spread, where the left page presents the story and a description of enemies, equipment and special items, terrain, and distinct properties of the area. The right page displays a dungeon map and a space for tracking stats and inventory.

Carefully manage resources as you explore the dungeon and fight monsters. Get keys to open doors, find magic elixirs to boost health, and acquire weapons and armour to improve attack and defence stats and reduce damage from future enemy encounters. Prepare to fight a deadly boss at the end of each area to win and advance the story.

The book pages are laminated and you track your play progress, inventory and stats, and enemy encounters right on the page with a dry-erase pen.

Publisher: Caravel Games
Player numbers: 1-6 Players
Recommended Age: 12+
Game Time: 30-60 minutes

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