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Take to the skies as a dragon and “follow the path” with the brilliant filler game Tsuro


A simple tile laying game that appeals to board gaming newbies and veterans alike, Tsuro pits up to eight players against each other as Chinese dragons.

Players place a tile and follow the path laid before them, while seeking to avoid mid-air collisions or falling off the edge of the board.

With a simple and fast “last dragon standing” goal, Tsuro usually receives multiple plays – and with good reason!

Designer:  Tom McMurchie
Publisher:  Calliope Games
Player numbers:  2-8
Recommended Age:  8+
Game Time:  15 mins

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Product Contents:

  • 8 dragon pieces in Black, White, Gray, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange
  • 35 tiles
  • dragon tile
  • rules (English/other languages)


1 review for Tsuro

  1. Kyle

    While I can only speak from two-player experience, Tsuro is a quick game to play that is very easy to learn. There is a fair amount strategy but the player isn’t inundated with too many choices seen in classic games like chess. Try to think a few turns into ahead and take note of what your opponent is trying to do.

    Tsuro has a wide appeal and can be quite happily played with kids, non-gamers and families alike.

    A special note has to be made on the presentation of this game. Tsuro is the most beautifully presented game I have ever seen and has a timeless, classic feel to it. The only way it could look any better would be with an over the top production of wood board, wood tiles and carved marble pieces.

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