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Pirates and buccaneers get ready to set sail for a faraway island said to hold a hidden treasure of immense wealth — but beware of the giant octopus that guards the island. Everyday Titus Tentacle scares off the brazen little pirate monkeys who are out to steal his gold coins…



The star of Titus Tentacle is the octopod itself, which is placed in the centre of the game board. Each player has two ships, and on their turn the active player rolls the colour die, then moves one of their ships to the next empty space of that colour on the game board; the ships circle the board clockwise with the goal of reaching Treasure Island. If a player rolls red, then they turn Titus Tentacle to what they hope is a favourable position, then they bop the octopus on the head, shooting out its limbs and (fingers crossed!) knocking over opposing ships. Any ships knocked over this way must return to start, but a couple of rocky locations along the path can provide safe haven.

If a pirate reaches Treasure Island, they take one gold coin, then return that ship to start. Whichever pirate first claims three gold coins wins!

Designer: Leo Colovini
Publisher: HABA
Player numbers: 2-4 Players
Recommended Age: 4+
Game Time: 30-45 minutes

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