The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Alchemists (Expansion)


Word has since spread far beyond the city boundaries of the alchemists of Quedlinburg. Their healing arts are as famous as they are infamous.

People come from far and wide to have their at times exotic conditions treated by a “professional.” Chicken eyes, a witch’s hump, and even vampirism (often misdiagnosed as polymorphous light eruption) are just a few of their ailments.

The very best from among their ranks are needed: the alchemists of Quedlinburg take on the most complex cases in quack medicine. They use elaborate equipment to distill essences to relieve their patients’ suffering.


The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Alchemists introduces nightmares, obsession, and hysteria to The Quacks of Quedlinburg base game, with players working in new laboratories to distil essences that can free the citizens of Quedlinburg from these afflictions.

The Alchemists can be played with just the base game or combined with The Herb Witches expansion.

Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Publisher: Schmidt Spiele
Player numbers: 2-5 Players
Recommended Age: 10+
Game Time: 45 minutes

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What’s in the box? The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Alchemists Contents:

  • 5 Alchemist’s Flasks
  • 5 Essence Markers
  • 8 Patient Markers
  • 8 Patient Charts
  • 20 Essence Cards
  • 2 double-sided Ingredient Books
  • 20 Fortune Teller Cards
  • 70 Ingredient Chips
    • 40 Cherry Bomb Chips (25 -1pt, 10 -2pt, 5-3pt)
    • 30 Locoweed Chips

This is not a stand-alone product and requires a copy of The Quacks of Quedlinburg to play.


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