The North Sea Epilogues and GM Screen



After raiding and exploring the North Sea with the acclaimed board game series, the time has come to journey deeper into the world as a Viking warrior in The North Sea Epilogues roleplaying game. Create heroes and set out to battle enemies, uncover mysteries and gain reputation. The possibilities are endless and the North Sea is waiting. So ready the longboats and prepare to forge an exciting and epic saga!


  • Narrative focus with less dice rolling and more story building
  • Simple, easy to follow rule set and intuitive hero sheets
  • The GM never has to roll any dice
  • Games have a natural flow with no need to constantly reference rulebooks
  • Players are encouraged to inject their own elements into the story, making for a more collaborative storytelling experience

PLUS GM Screen

Illustrated with an absolutely gorgeous piece of art by The Mico, this GM Screen will give you everything you need at your fingertips to run a game of The North Sea Epilogues. Inside you will find all the necessary rules for running a session, which means less time stuck in the rulebook and more time forging your epic saga! The screen measures 210x1188mm and is mounted onto 1mm high-density cardboard. Once folded, it will be the same dimensions as the book, making it easy to store them together.


  • Conveniently organized quick reference rules info
  • Beautiful full panel illustration by famed artist, The Mico
  • Sized to fit with your core rulebook on the shelf.

Designer: Tim DevineKristin Devine
Publisher: Garphill GamesDice Up GamesRenegade Game Studios
Player numbers: 2-6
Recommended Age: 10+

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