The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire


The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire is a stand-alone, medium level, worker placement, resource management game for 1-5 players.

World War 2 has become a memory, and global power is shifting as modernization changes the world. Nations scramble to upgrade their energy production to keep up with the rapid growth. The price of oil is going up, and nuclear energy is the wave of the future.

In Energy Empire, each player takes control of a nation vying for power in the second half of the 20th century. They build up their nation’s industry, commerce, and government by acquiring resources, building structures, and tapping new sources of energy.

The major threat in Energy Empire is not war, but uncertain global impacts that affect all nations. Your actions come with a cost. As nations become more industrious, they also increase the amount of pollution in the environment. Careful use of science can reduce the harmful effects of industry, and help avert a global crisis.

The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire uses worker placement, tableau-building, and resource management game mechanics. On each turn, a player can choose to either WORK or GENERATE. On a work turn, a player places a single worker on the main board, then uses workers and energy to activate cards in their tableau. Players may spend energy to use an occupied space on the main board, so no main board spaces are ever completely blocked. On a Generate turn, players get to renew their supply of energy by rolling “energy dice” that represent nuclear, coal, oil, solar, and other forms of energy.

Energy Empire is set in the same ‘universe’ as The Manhattan Project, but is a stand-alone game, not an expansion.

Designer:  Tom Jolly, Luke Laurie
Publisher:  Minion Games
Player numbers:  1 – 5
Recommended Age:  13+
Game Time: 60 – 120 min

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Product Contents:

  • 12 Global Impact cards
  • 69 Structure cards
  • 10 Nations cards
  • 30 Worker meeples
  • 50 Energy meeples
  • 10 Wooden Player disks
  • 24 Energy dice
  • 20 Achievement tokens
  • 50 Pollution tokens
  • 10 Oil Well tokens
  • 80 Wooden cubes
  • 25 Science tokens
  • 50 Money tokens
  • 1 Main Game board
  • 5 Player boards

Global impact and nation cards x 22: Fantasy Flight sleeve size: Standard Card Game – Gray (FFS05, 50/pack) – (2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ – 63.5 x 88mm)

Structure cards x 69: Fantasy Flight sleeve size: Mini European – Red (FFS02, 50/pack) – (1-11/16” x 2-5/8″ – 44 x 68mm)


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