The Dragon Games


The Dragon Games contains four different easy-to-learn events using beautifully designed dragon cards. These event are:

  1. Formations.  Race to put your dragons in piles or in order. This order depends on the attribute shown on the randomly produced Attribute card.
  2. Matches. Look for things in common between two randomly chosen dragon cards.  Then use that to take an attribute card from the pool, or another player, in order to get the required number of attribute cards.
  3. Connections.  Use comparisons to link or lock out other dragons. This incorporates connectors with the Dragon cards for a strategic domino type game.
  4. Battle.  Take turns to decide which attribute wins a battle between randomly selected cards. Battle is the simplest event.

The materials in The Dragon Games are flexible enough that you can also invent your own games and activities.

Designer: Shane Dye, Nicola Petty
Publisher: Cheeky Parrot Games
Player numbers: 2-5 players
Recommended Age: 7+
Game Time: Variable play time from 10 minutes to 2 hours

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