The Bottle Imp


The Bottle Imp is a thematic trick-taking card game based on the short story by Robert Louis Stevenson, where the goal is to gain the most points over a series of hands.

Cards are numbered 1-37 and are found in three colors: red, blue, and yellow. There is one neutral card, the 19, that sets the “price of the bottle.” As in most trick taking games, players must follow suit if possible with high card taking the trick (regardless of suit). The unique feature about this game however is how trump is determined. Any card of value lower than the current price of the bottle (starting with 19) is considered trump, and will win the trick. If multiple cards are less than the current bottle price, the card valued closest to the current price (so highest card below the bottle) takes the trick and the Bottle, changing the bottle price to the number on the card used to win the trick.

Designer: Günter Cornett
Publisher: Bambus Spieleverlag
Player numbers: 2-4
Recommended Age: 10+
Game Time: 30 min

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Awards & Honours

2004 Fairplay À la carte Winner
1996 Fairplay À la carte Winner

Product Contents:

36 Playing Cards

1 Starting Value “19” Card

3 Overview Cards

1 Wooden Bottle

1 Rulebook


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