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Unlike in other cultures, the desert Tuareg men, known as Targi, cover their faces whereas women of the tribe do not wear veils. They run the household and they have the last word at home in the tents. Different families are divided into tribes, headed by the ‘Imascheren’ (or nobles).  As a Targi noble, you trade goods from near (such as dates and salt) and far (like pepper), in order to obtain gold and other benefits, and enlarge your family.


In Targi, the desert is a five-by-five grid of cards. Position your Targi figures on the cards that border the desert. You carry out the actions of those cards as well as the cards at the crossroads between them. If you don’t go to the merchant, you won’t be able to trade — and even worse, your opponent will. Or maybe a caravan will bring the merchandise you desire. There are many choices to consider. But don’t wait too long, the desert is harsh and you might miss an opportunity to make a deal. In the next round, a completely different set of offerings will be on the table. The goods cards are the means to the end of getting highly desired tribe cards. These in turn bring advantages during the game and victory points at the end. You can win only if you plan shrewdly and always keep some gold in your pocket.

Designer: Andreas Steiger
Publisher: KOSMOS
Player numbers: 2 Players
Recommended Age: 12+
Game Time: 60 minutes

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Awards & Honours:

2014 MinD-Spieletipp Nominee
2013 Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Nominee
2012 Spiel des Jahres Kennerspiel Nominee
2012 International Gamers Award – General Strategy: Two-players Nominee
2012 Fairplay À la carte Winner


Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015
Targi: Alternative Border Cards
Targi: The Action Tokens
Targi: The Expansion

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  1. epinema

    It is incredibly hard to find a two-player worker placement game that works as well; most are diluted versions of a game designed for more players but Targi is a mythical unicorn that does just that. Targi creates a tense environment of strategic worker placement and blocking that perfectly creates the worker placement experience for two, within the genre and player count this game is at present unrivaled.

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