Star Realms


Star Realms is a fast paced, deck-building card game of outer space combat for 2 players.

Star Realms is an award-winning spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty.

Star Realms is the winner of several awards, including the 2015 SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year award, four Golden Geek Awards for Best 2-Player Game, Best Card Game, Best Indie Game and Best Handheld Game, two Dice Tower Awards for Best Two-Player Game and Best Small Publisher, and Best Card Game: Fan Favorite at Origins 2015.

The game offers all the thrills of traditional trading card game style combat, combined with the fun of a deckbuilding game. Play powerful ships, destroy enemy bases or blast your opponent directly on your way to victory!

  • Portable – The whole game fits in a deckbox.
  • Affordable – Amazing game play for a low price.
  • Expandable – One deckbox supports 2 players. Use additional copies for multi-player games.

Designer:  Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle
Publisher:  White Wizard Games
Player numbers:  2
Recommended Age:  12+
Game Time:  20 mins

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Additional Star Realms decks support an extra 1-2 players to a maximum of 6.

Star Realms: Colony Wars – use as a stand alone or add additional 1-2 players to your exiting deck

Star Realms: Frontiers  – use as a stand alone or add additional 1-2 players to your exiting deck

Star Realms: Gambit  – contains 9 Gambit cards. Each player is given two of them at random to begin the game. When do you use your Gambits? When do you make your move?

Star Realms: Cosmic Gambit – the second Gambits expansion, contains 15 Gambit cards.

Star Realms: Command Decks –  The Alignment, The Alliance, The Coalition, The Pact, The Union, and The Unity are 18-card decks that allow you to play as legendary commanders in the Star Realms universe!

Star Realms: United – an expansion packaged in four non-random booster packs (AssaultCommandMissions and Heroes), with each booster pack containing 12 new game cards and a rules card.

Star Realms: Scenarios contains 20 unique Scenario cards that change how Star Realms is played. Shuffle the Scenario cards, flip one over, and use the rules listed on that card for a new game experience!

Product Contents:

128 beautifully illustrated cards:
•80 card main deck
•10 Explorer cards
•Two 10 card personal decks
•18 double-sided score cards
And a full-color rule booklet

Card sleeve information if you wish to sleeve the cards in this product:

128 cards. Fantasy Flight sleeve size: Standard Card Game – Gray (FFS05, 50/pack) – (2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ – 63.5 x 88mm)


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