Spirit Island: Branch and Claw (Expansion)

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The Branch & Claw Expansion for Spirit Island, featuring two new Spirits (Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves and Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds) and a new Adversary (France) as well as adding Events to the Invader Phase of the game!

The Event Deck has events that happen each turn, adding further variation to the game play. In addition, the expansion has Tokens that prevent the invaders from exploring, building, or ravaging or add wild Beasts to the land, a new set of powers (31 Minor and 21 Major) that use the new Tokens and expand the gameplay, 15 new Fear cards, new Blight cards, and new Scenarios.

Designer:  R Eric Reuss
Greater than Games
Player numbers: 
1-4 players
Recommended Age: 
Game Time: 
90-120 minutes

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This is not a stand alone product and requires a copy of Spirit Island to play.

2 reviews for Spirit Island: Branch and Claw (Expansion)

  1. Telina

    Great expansion!

    The addition of the event cards makes the game more variable – you can end your fast power phase hoping that you’ll get an event that will help you out or maybe it will just tip favour towards the invaders and all your carefully laid plans for the ravage won’t be enough anymore.

    The tokens are great if you can utilise them well. The addition of being able to say “oh, that land won’t build because it’s diseased” is a great boon and I love the unpredictability of the beasts.

    Great expansion, I highly recommend it.

  2. Rodney Franzoi

    Branch and Claw is a great addition to an already amazing game! Spirit Island is already my favourite co-op game and one of my favourite games in general. This expansion adds some new spirits, new game components and event cards. This takes a great game and makes it better!

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